Dangling Threads

Writing Only The Longest Threads has been a rich and rewarding experience, but on days when the process of putting pen to paper - or finger to keyboard - was less than exhilarating, I sought refuge, and renewal, in research. The more I found out about the times and places where my stories unfold, the more excited I was to write them. I love exploring the rabbit holes of thought, and since I burrowed far deeper than was strictly necessary, I collected a lot more material than actually made it into the book. But, even though they aren't explicitly present, these invisible pieces of information are the seeds from which my word-worlds grew. 

This blog is for those of you who, like me, wonder about the story behind the story, From time to time, I will share  the gems I uncovered while writing Only The Longest Threads; perhaps I will post excerpts from the manuscript, that got edited out of the final draft.  I might also include some things I come across now. Because, even though the book is printed and bound, we all know that neither science nor story are ever truly finished. Some threads are always left dangling; by weaving onto these, we can keep extending the tapestry.